About CEO Clubs

About Us 

The Chief Executive Officers' Club is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to creating a nurturing environment for CEOs and entrepreneurs so they can improve the quality and profitability of their enterprises through shared experiences and personal growth.

CEO Clubs Int'l is headquartered in New York and it was founded by Dr. Joe Mancuso in 1977. Since 2002, the Club has expanded to include international activities with chapters in UK, China, Greece, Romania, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea and many other countries globally. Today CEO Clubs Int'l is one of the oldest and largest associations for CEOs and entrepreneurs worldwide, serving as a global business network and leadership development organization, counting more than 8,000 members around the world.

Members of one Chapter are automatically members of all Chapters. Membership of CEO Clubs Int'l is by invitation only.

Our Mission 

The primary purpose of the Club is to inspire CEOs and business leaders within an atmosphere of friendship and unconventional thinking. We create a nurturing and inspiring environment for CEOs and business leaders who are dedicated to improving the quality of their life and enterprise through the power of shared experience and personal growth.

The Club serves as a brain tree for its Members. It offers an outstanding opportunity for business leaders and CEOs to meet similar-minded peers and build trust through exchanging ideas while learning and making new friends. The strongest learning is the one coming from honest sharing.

Our Values 

Winning attitude: We “Play to win” rather than “playing not to lose”

Inspiration: For both personal and professional growth

Constant challenge of our assumptions: "Nothing like a good challenge among smart people"

Exclusivity: Only for CEOs and Business leaders

Openness/Trust: An atmosphere of friendship

Sharing: Gaining insights from each other

Extroversion: To go beyond geographical and personal boundaries

The Founder 

John Mancuso

Dr. Joe Mancuso

Founder President, CEO Clubs International

The founder of the non-profit Chief Executive Officers Clubs (CEO Clubs), Dr. Joe Mancuso is the entrepreneurs entrepreneur.

Hear him share his favorite luncheon talk which is the title of his first book, "Fun And Guts: The Entrepreneurs Philosophy, in which he shows how these Ready-Fire-Aim" types spot a growth industry, select a first mate, negotiate for money, create resources where none exists, who wrote the best business plan and why, avoid personally guaranteeing bank debt, motivate employees to work harder than humanly possible, inspire investors/shareholders to believe in the vision, and deal with family complexities.

Mancuso often works the traits of the Members who completed various diagnostics tests, which he developed for entrepreneurs, into these talks. And his blend of humor puts the audience at ease. In all, participants have paid over $100,000,000 to hear the talks and workshops conducted or arranged by Joseph Mancuso.

Our Team 

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Sotiris Chatzidakis

Executive Vice President

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Georgia Kartsanis

President of CEO Clubs SEE Europe

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Virgil Stanescu

Executive Director

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Sandra Diviskova

General Director

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Manuela Hortolomei

Events & PR Coordinator

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Corina Rolnic

Projects and Office Manager

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Ramona Piser

Business Relations Manager

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Catalina Calapod

Research Officer