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Application Form 

A Membership in CEO Clubs International is BY INVITATION ONLY, always following a personal meeting with the candidate CEO or Business Leader where all the aspects of the Membership have been discussed and aproved both by CEO Clubs Int'l and the Member-to-be.
The Subscription in CEO Clubs International is for an individual and not an organization.

If you have been invited by CEO Clubs International to become a Member of the Romanian Chapter (and automatically a Member globally), please fill in the application form below in order to finalize the procedure.

You may submit applications by email at info[at]ceoclubsromania[dot]com

Who Should Apply 

  • Applicants can be exclusively CEOs, Presidents, and Managing Directors who are heading the operations of their company. The annual sales of the organization must be above €10 million. CEOs of younger and dynamic companies may also become Members as long as there is a minimum of €5 million in annual sales and a proven organizational structure. In any case, subscribers must definitely fit the culture of CEO Clubs International. Exception to these requirements has occasionally been allowed in the case of founding members. Each chapter is allowed to vary this rule for up to 5 percent of its subscription.
  • In order to be accepted as a Member, a candidate must present recommendations from two CEO Clubs Members in his/her home Chapter.
  • A CEO Clubs Member in good standing from one Chapter is a welcomed guest at any regular meeting in any Chapter, at no additional charge.
  • It is the person who becomes a Member, not the company.
  • When a Member’s title changes, the Club retains the right to re-evaluate his/her Membership.

Subscription Benefits 

Enabling Leadership

The concept of the Club is educationally based where one can learn from another. The real concept of the Club is "It's OK to be at the top but you don't have to be alone". That is really the essence of the Club where Members can talk with one another and bounce ideas off each other in a non-threatening and confidential environment. The objective is to help Members' make their businesses more efficient and improve their personal life simultaneously. Through affiliations with major universities, educational institutes and knowledge partners, CEO Clubs International endeavors to advance the learning of its Members and make them more efficient in dealing with the challenges of life which accompany the growth in business.


CEO Clubs is a learning Organization. Aims at spreading forward-thinking and encourages the circulation of experience knowledge among its Members. It is our scope to challenge leaders and introduce them to innovative ideas that they can practice both in their businesses and their personal lives.


The CEO Clubs Members' network is spread beyond the boundaries of the local Chapter. They get an opportunity to connect with all the CEO Clubs Members across the globe. The Club offers three kinds of networks:

  • Business Network: Members' develop business contact under this network and get opportunities to discuss their business issues globally. Global network works through various meetings which are attended by Club Members from different countries, annual retreats etc. 
  • Social Network: This network comprises of Members who come together to address community issues collectively and also help other Members to adopt and institutionalize social code of business. The Club follows a Corporate Responsibility Program and encourages participation of its members in the program.
  • Personal Network: This network allows Members to interact with each other at personal level through events like wine tasting, sport activities (golf, basketball tournaments etc), dinners/parties and other social events.

Forum & Roundtable Meetings

The Club organizes Forum & Roundtable meetings on critical business issues to CEOs and followed by a Roundtable discussion or a workshop. Guests are encouraged to attend one Forum in order to obtain an understanding of what are the Membership benefits. Speakers are selected based on their strong accomplishments and their ability to make innovative contributions to the CEO Club Members. CEO Clubs strongly encourages the diffusion of experience knowledge.


The Circles are monthly meetings exclusive to CEO Clubs Members. Participation is limited to a maximum of 35 in order to facilitate open discussions among all Members. One volunteering member undertakes the role of the "Discussion Igniter" on a practical topic based on his personal experience. The key ingredient of the Circles' success is the environment of trust among the participant CEOs which fosters free expression of views and sharing of best practices. Circles can also be scheduled upon the short visit of an influential academic or business leader.

Membership Fees 

  • 1 Year Membership

    4.000 €

  • 2 Years Membership

    7.000 €

  • 3 Years Membership

    10.000 €