The 37th Circle: The Grapes of Trust

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017
CEO Clubs Headquarters

The 37th Circle presents:

The Grapes of Trust 

In this discussion we will explore the moral, social and philosophical origins of trust.

We will look at trust as a self-fullfilled prophecy and the implications this has for our society and our businesses.

We will also discuss the implications of lack of trust in our organisations, on their capacity to adapt to change and perform under stress and on the cost it imposes on our business and the society at large.

We will also explore our asymmetrical reaction to trust and why this is a challenge for our lives and businesses.

Finally, we will discuss some ideas that can help turn things around and build a different world around us.

Event organized in collaboration with ERUDIO.



Horia - Roman Patapievici - Professor in Erudio Programs, Humanist and advocate of cultural independency


Adrian Stanciu - Partner & Professor - Erudio, Partner - Wanted Transformation Consultancy, Associated Dean - Maastricht School of Management Romania.

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