The 44th Circle: Pick the Peaks

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018
CEO Clubs Headquarters

The 44th Circle presents: Pick the Peaks

People need inspiration and your brand has to inspire them

In my past activity as director for inspirational films, I was involved in seeking the positive in mediums in which others find only dramas. This is why I understood quickly that people need inspiration. In this meeting I will share with you my road and how I learned to PICK THE PEAKS I found on this road. As a disabled man I understood that each interaction has something like a selling proposition. To overcome what is obviously not so nice, I found how to balance the appearance with the essence. Guess what, this works for every of us! Pick the Peaks with me in this event and find out how you can inspire a world through video and films started from your brand.

Speaker: Tedy Necula

Inspirational Film & Ads Director / Producer

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