2nd GAEP Art Seminar for CEO Clubs: How to start an Art Collection

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019
GAEP Art Gallery @50 Plantelor Street

2nd Gaep Art Seminar for CEO Clubs: How to start an Art Collection 

The questions that matter 

From the wish to live with pieces that are unique and have meaning, to the impulse to preserve the history of one’s community, from passing on a legacy, to expressing one’s personality - there are various possible reasons behind the urge to collect.

Although animated by different motives, collectors do have in common at least two things: passion and the commitment to make careful informed decisions.

This is your road map to making such decisions.

It will start with what every art enthusiast wants to know: where do I begin?

And it will help you draw a plan for collecting wisely by answering practical questions like:

  • What and where to buy from?
  • What research is advisable before the purchase?
  • How to assess the career of an artist?
  • What events to attend?
  • What are the tax implications of buying art? (in partnership with KPMG)

Each participant will receive a complimentary copy of the KPMG Guide on Taxation of Art, the first guide to the tax implications for individual and corporate art investors in Romania.

Speaker: Andrei Breahnă (cultural Manager, gallerist and collector)

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