3rd GAEP Art Seminar for CEO Clubs: Art and Business in a world of rapid change

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019
GAEP Art Gallery @50 Plantelor Street

Art and Business in a world of rapid change
What it takes to thrive now

How do you define business success?

Old assumptions are replaced by new realities. Human rights, labor conditions, environmental impacts - employees call on their employers to take action on these issues and consumers expect companies to address them also.

Today, excellence in business touches on themes such as: digital transformation that keeps humans at the center of decision-making; sustainability as a lens on innovation; the need for cross-industry collaboration to tackle complex problems.

As you think about strategies to drive change in your organizations, join us to find out how art & culture can play a role in shaping the future direction — from fostering abilities such as empathy, imagination and creativity, to building hope and a better understanding of our current environment.

Speaker: Andrei Breahnă (cultural Manager, gallerist and collector)

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