Business collaboration, a success prerequisite - Robert Maxim

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Below you may read the article from Robert Maxim, Managing Partner at Ensight.
Published on Business Review

Business collaboration, a success prerequisite


Collaborating with clients in order to achieve results that improve their companies is our job. It’s what we’re constantly working on in order to reach the business objectives that count at the end of the day. For this partnership to work, a set of principles should be respected: value-adding work oriented towards reaching objectives, all based on strong ethical principles. Still, this is all easier said than done. To facilitate this process and meet the professional standards that we believe in, we’re following a set of guidelines that helps the communication between professionals in different companies, practice areas and even in different parts of the world.    
Collaboration, especially when regarding clients, is a relationship that requires trust. And this is how it should be, but how do you get to this point? Trust follows met expectations, and meeting expectations involves that both parts understand each other and commit for shared goals and shared responsibility. So, the first rule is to be clear on your demands and expectations, and on the collaboration terms.
Then, throughout the project, you must keep in mind the big picture and the objectives you are after. Each contributor comes with a scenario on how things should be done and, why not say it, with an ego. It’s important to say “no” to things that you know will have a negative impact on the project, but also to say “yes” to new ideas, as long as it helps meeting the objective. For a given period of time, we’re all a team!
Be systematic! A collaborative process may have multiple phases and include various people. This is why it’s important to have a systematic approach on the work you do together, on the feedback you gather, on the entire process. This is mandatory for a clear image of your work and to really help your client. Transparency is key.
Successful business collaboration is a challenge for professionals in all areas. Still, consulting is about crossing boundaries to offer clients the know-how they need in a given context. In most cases, this is what makes the difference!