Empowering the youth to forge their own future - Ioana Enache

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Below you may read the article from Ioana Enache, General Manager Amway Romania.
Published on Business Review, April 2014


Empowering the youth to forge their own future 

In recent years, economic factors have led to an increase in people’s interest for establishing their own business as a means to generate extra income. The unemployment percentage has been sadly growing, especially among young people. According to data at the end of 2013, unemployment rate for 18-30 years rose to 25% in Romania. High youth unemployment rates reflect the difficulties faced by young people in finding jobs, a worrying trend that is visible in Romania and at EU level.
In countries with relatively low GDP per capita, entrepreneurship as a second source of income becomes a main driver. According to the study carried out by Amway and GFK   2013 almost two thirds (70%) of the respondents in Romania have a positive attitude towards self-employment. We can see an even more positive attitude towards entrepreneurship among respondents between 18 and 24 years (79%) However the positive attitude, Romanian respondents fear failing with an enterprise and perceive it as an obstacle to starting a business.  
This fear of failure is composed by mainly two factors: “financial burdens up to bankruptcy” and “threat of the economic crisis”
The current context leads to people seeking alternative sources of revenue with the    direct selling industry currently offers a viable business opportunity with low start-up capital and virtually no risk (no logistic&stock burden, no rental or other fixed costs )  Despite the economic crisis, Europe is the second largest Direct Selling market in the world with a 25,8 billion USD sales revenue.  Industry developed and growth also in countries affected by lower purchasing power, such as Hungary, Poland, Greece 
 The youth is increasingly open to entrepreneurship, forging their own path to success, enjoying more time flexibility and control over their revenues. In fact, young people can start up their own direct selling business and benefit of specialized trainings for free along with the support from proven, reputable, trusted direct selling companies. Like with any other businesses, it requires an investment in time and dedication. Direct selling industry offers a unique business and income opportunity to those aspire a better life, as either a temporary solution for a youngster looking to earn extra money or responding to a long-term goal of supporting an entire household.