Energy & Passion - Sonia Nastase

Below you may read the Interview with Sonia Nastase, Country Business Manager at Nestlé Romania, Nespresso Division 

February 2016 

Please recall the moment in time that you have been the most satisfied both with your work and personal life and why?

I think I’ll go with NOW. Right NOW I am the most satisfied with my work and my personal life. You see, it’s always been this way. I’m the type of person for whom the journey is more important than the destination. So I enjoy living in the now, I take joy even from big to little daily successes. That helps me gain a lot of energy, that makes me excited and keeps me going. Professionally speaking, now is also a good time – we, the Nespresso team, have managed to surpass the moment of our brand’s launch in Romania and we’re working harder and harder to strenghten both the quality of services we offer to our clients, as well as our brand image.

Do you have a role model? If yes, who and why?

I’ve never given this too much thought. Each day I try to bring improvements to myself, both personally and professionally, so I can say that maybe my role model is the tomorrow, more improved version of ME.

Still, if I have to name someone, I would say Eduard Novak, our first and only paralympic champion. I’ve been his fan since I’ve heard him speak in a conference and since then, I’ve become inspired by his ability to gather his strength from the hardships of life. In my opinion, people like Eduard Novak, simple people, who fight for their dreams and overcome any obstacles in order to achieve performance, are the ones to follow and look up to.

Share with us the main values which rule your universe

One of the things I enjoy most about my job at Nespresso is the fact that it doesn’t make me question my personal values, on the contrary – I’m defined by my love for aesthethics and for refinement, but also for simplicity and I feel that the Nespresso brand is just like that – simple, yet refined, classy and not too `flashy`. Besides these, integrity and trust are two values I’m guided by and which I look for in my business partners, as well. 

Also, `passion` is key word for me, so it’s very important for me that I have the right frame to apply my passion and create an exceptional business, just like our coffee-makers are passionate about creating an exceptional coffee.

What is the one thing that you want people to know you by?

This is the most sincere answer I can give you: I will always want to be remembered as a team-player. Even if you don’t start it from scratch, you cannot maintain a succesful business without a few (or more) helping hands. I’m very fond of my team at Nespresso and I’m grateful they’re by my side in the attempt to build a strong and refined brand presence.