Engage, Inspire & Motivate - Mikael Fredholm

Below you may read the Interview with Mikael Fredholm, CEO at World Class International

CEO Clubs Newsletter, July 2016

Please recall the moment in time that you have been the most satisfied both with your work and personal life and why?

When I managed to close the Management Buyout of World Class Romania. During my time as CEO of World Class International (previously Mother Company of World Class Romania) I got the idea to approach the fund that owned World Class International to see if they were interested to sell their business in Romania through a Management Buyout. I spent one year structuring the buyout before I proposed it to them and the day when they accepted and when the deal was closed represent one of the best times of my professional life. This is also the moment in my personal life that I am most satisfied with since I personally are very attached to Word Class Romania.  

Do you have a role model? If yes, who and why?

Jan Carlzon who was the CEO of Scandinavian Airlines who was one of the first leaders that saw the benefit to lead a company through inspiration and motivation. I read his book when I was 12 years old and it has shaped my leadership style since then. 

What is your main goal and your biggest challenge for 2016?

My main goal is to reach 50,000 members for World Class and at the same time integrate our latest acquisition (former Club Moving) successfully into World Class. 

Share with us the main values which rule your universe

Everyday I am trying to spread and live by three values and that is to Engage, Inspire and Motivate all my employees. I have a great team and the more I can inspire them the more they will inspire people in Romania to improve their lifestyle and health. 

What is the one thing that you want people to know you by?

That my biggest determination and goal is to Radically Transform the Lifestyle of people in Romania.