February 2019 - CEO Clubs Newsletter

Dear friends,

I hope you are all great at all levels and mainly healthy.

In 2018 we decided that we must become much more active socially, meaning to offer more opportunities to you to meet each other, not necessarily because of a topic or a speaker but because you like each other. And that was an idea that we were extremely happy to see that you all embraced in an amazing way. Oktoberfest, Summer cinema, dinners, FRF football game, Cruise and many more occasions proved to be very attractive to all of you. And of course, without a second thought, we are planning to intensify these activities this year and in the years to come.

For 2019, we are adding at least three new concepts that are already proving to be super successful:

  • Our visit to the HQ of Google Asia Pacific in Singapore. This year we are having this amazing opportunity to visit the info giant in their HQ, that our very own Dan Bulucea is heading. We will have the chance to combine the beautiful sightseeing with several meetings with the Google people there, which will help us understand where the markets are going and how much (and how fast) they are getting disrupted by technology. It will be a 5-6 days trip and we will know the dates in the following days. Please note that there is no limit of attendants and that all of our Members can invite their significant others. Happy Tour will help us with the operational stuff. That is a “once in a lifetime” chance, combining learning and having fun.
  • BlueAir weekend. We are planning to choose one of BlueAir’s magnificent destinations and book a weekend to visit, again open to significant others. No participants’ limit neither. It will probably take place in September. We will decide together.
  • “Pro at last”. With the help of SportsHub and our Member Virgil Stanescu, we have agreed with FCSB (Steaua football Club for those who don’t know : )) to organize an amazing weekend where all participants (football aficionados and men who always dreamt of a professional career in football) will sign a pro contract for three days, and will spend this time at the FCSB training ground, training, practicing, playing, sleeping, eating, massaging and doing everything a professional footballer does. We are finalizing the weekend that will take place and we will let you know asap so you can register. It is never too late to live your childhood dream!

Rest assured that our Team never stops thinking about new things, activities, topics, speakers and anything that will enrich your experience. The Club is a living organism that aims to maximize the value and help all of its Members Learn, Contribute and Have fun. And we plan to keep doing it for many years to come.   

I wish you a great February ahead.