Is it again a time for optimism and positive thinking in business? - Gabriel Pantelimon

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Below you may read the article from Gabriel Pantelimon, General Manager of Xerox Romania
Published on Business Review, January 2014

Is it again a time for optimism and positive thinking in business?

What a great experience were the last 5 years in the Romanian business! After the monotonous growth between 2004 and 2008, starting with 2009, we have been exposed to such a big variety of business situations as we had never been before and we have learned so much!
Are the above statements looking as ones coming from a positive person, or what? From the managers and leaders fighting for their companies, their people and their own “survival” in the last years, day in, day out, with pressure from shareholders and owners increasing to irrational levels and most of the times going against the market situation and trends, restructuring and optimizing, cutting costs, reducing the people development and motivation budgets and lowering to minimum levels the marketing investments, these statements might attract at minimum a “are you serious?” type of look. The fashionable pessimists, which according to a joke are the “well informed optimists”, will at best pity the person and never talk to the “Martian” again.

However, there is truth in these statements and to a high degree. And in a moment of honesty, most will agree to them. We learnt a lot and we did practice and took decisions that we never had to take before. Some of us changed and adapted strategies, teams, plans, actions and even visions on the way! Some did not adapt and maybe they changed their place or their market.
It is just that we had enough of these lessons. It has already been 5 years, longer than an MBA program and as long as a university degree term. I believe most of us already graduated and we even did our apprenticeship period! Let’s go to real work now!

It is the time to look more into the business development and towards growth. Somebody said that the market conditions in the last period were the outcome of a mental state, a defensive and surviving attitude.

We are now at the beginning of another year and we just cannot afford to start the business in this safe mode. We should bring back the optimism and the investment appetite and start also giving some before harvesting. It is an attitude, yes, backed by hopes, but if as many businesses as possible do not act in that direction, we will again discuss later in the year about survival. Growth is much more fun, remember? Now it is the time for optimism and positive thinking. This time it might really work!