January 2019 - CEO Clubs Newsletter

Dear friends,
First of all, let me wish you a great new year ahead, full of health, love and progress. Let’s all pledge to be a bit better people, a year from now.
The first days of the year usually are all about commitments: commitments to ourselves, little lies painted white, as our greedy nature wants both the pledge and the security of no punishment. People… I couldn’t be an exception. What comforts me is that I belong to the “50%ers”. That is those who make at least 50% of their promises to themselves come true. Why do we do this? Is it because we are all cultured enough to seek continuous progress and self-growth? I seriously doubt it. If that was the case, our world would be a much better place. I think that as everything else, it has to do with time. We are just trying to buy some more time in any way we can by making it count. Time has been and will be the most valuable and most expensive commodity in the history of humanity. It is the real “priceless” deal (sorry MasterCard :).
As I have written here before, the last few years have been a revelation for me, in that respect. Nikos Kazantzakis is one of the best authors, poets and philosophers my country has ever produced. Probably it was because he didn’t spend all his life in Greece and had the chance to graze inside him the beauty of the Greek free spirit with the beautiful side of the more formed anglosaxonic art in all its expressions. He lived between 1883 and 1957 and his most famous works are “Zorba the Greek” and “The last Temptation”. A few days ago, in the midst of these thoughts about time, I happened to accidentally watch a very interesting documentary about his life. Amongst other things, what stayed with me was what he mentioned in his journal, while in bed recovering from a serious illness. He was 50 years old at the time and he said: “I hear from my hospital room, people passing by and I just want to go there and beg them to give me just a bit of the time that they are wasting. Just a tiny bit…” Please think about it. I can’t stop doing so. Is it the perception of time that made this the highlight of a great life? Is it the notion that every moment that goes, just goes? Is it the eyes of my son that crave (still) every single moment together? Is it the trivial videos that we watch, especially these days, about how long we really spend doing what matters? I really don’t know. I just know it cuts like a knife.   
Well, here’s the paradox: We do most things right, we fight, we push on, we improvise, we fail, we love, we risk, we learn, we do everything we believe will lead us to achieve more and make us and our people happier. And when we do the “right” thing, which means we are still active and alive and creative and growing, what do we wish for every day? For time to pass fast so we can harvest the fruits of our efforts. Humans… They want it all :)
I honestly do not know where does the truth lie. No clue. But I do know that if there is one thing that is worth dueling on in this life, that is time and its dimensions to each and every one of us. After all, we know that there’s no “us”. It’s about everyone around us. Just think about it.
Thank you for giving me this great chance once a month and for your comments. Keep them coming. They make MY time even more worthy.