January 2020 - CEO Clubs Newsletter

January 2020.
“The best way to predict the future is to create it” - Abraham Lincoln, 1860.
Dear friends,
First of all, I’d like to wish you on behalf of our Team, a fantastic New Year ahead, full of health, love and progress for all of us and peace and common sense for the whole world.
This is the time of the season that some of you remind me that every January I keep saying that “this will be the best year for all of us!!” and it does. Is it because everything runs smoothly and nothing goes wrong? Definitely not. Life is life and sometimes things go our way and sometimes they go south. It is our positive mentality that makes everything turn positive for us either as a lesson learned or a victory. Realistic positivity has always been one of the core values of our Clubs and it is this one that helps us to dream bigger and bigger each year. The difference this year is that we are talking about something more: a decade!
20/02/2020 @ 20.20 PM
The beginning of a decade is like the beginning of a year: it is a landmark. It is a point “A” where we can all start over, dream bigger, become gods. It is the moment when by dreaming we give ourselves the divine power to create a future full of meaning, substance and possible impossibility. As my friend Tudor said the other day, the magic lies on the fact that “when we think of something, no matter how difficult or impossible it is, it becomes inevitable”.  
Well, on the 20th of February (02), 2020, at 20.20 PM, at Radisson, we want you ALL there with us to celebrate an inevitable, amazing future. To celebrate these amazing 8 years since 2011 and to design together the next 10 years (at least!). To build a bridge to 2030 and travel there together. And after we create this future image, to come back to today and think what is it that we can do so to become the heroes of that future? How can we help and empower others to see themselves there and drive it with us? It is the fate of leaders to be the pioneers in life, the lighthouses that others turn to when the fog is here, the evangelists of the unknown who pave the way. These are just some of the reasons why we are all here and part of the expectation this world has from us. And as always, we will deliver!
Jon us to an evening full of surprises, dreams, smiles and optimism. Together we are stronger!