July 2019 - CEO Clubs Newsletter

Tei nights

Dear friends hi.

One of my small pleasures here in Bucharest is my summer evening drives with no particular destination in the city. They are even better right after a tough day at the office. All I need is a pack of smokes and my Spotify account. The rest are taken care by the beautiful Bucharest summer. The other day someone asked me how is that and I realized that whatever I would tell him wouldn’t actually give the real image as there would have been one thing missing, the most important probably: the amazing scent from the Tei… Every summer, I walk or I just open my windows and boom! The magic is there. It is really kind of unexplainable how scents work in our brain. I don’t know about you, but songs and scents are one of the main reminders for me. Reminders of people, music, moments, life. A certain scent can make me smile and another can make me momentarily sad. With tei, it’s all positive. I just breathe it and it reminds me of Bucharest in the summer, with its evening quietness, the few city fanatics who decided to stay out of the seaside madness, walking or riding around, the slow, lazy movement of everything as if people try to prolong the moments and time, Cismigiu park, my friend Lucian’s beautiful garden, Dorobanti and the little streets in Primaverii … It’s like when you are in front of something amazing and you naturally hush or even hold your breath in order not to disturb all this glorious beauty.

As time passes by, many things change. In fact, the main thing that does change is perceptions. When we progress as people, we should be acquiring a more hedonistic approach to life. Time for pleasure is getting less (and more valuable) and therefore has to be more qualitative. Less drama, less compromise, less toxic things around us, more smiles, more relations, more love, more compassion, more gratefulness, more beauty. Aesthetics play a more important role in our evolution as a species than most people realize. If we are who we are today, we owe it to people who were taken apart from the rest of their society many times, just because they dared to take aesthetics a step further. Today, more than any other time, we need to pay more attention to them as they will probably save us from the age of cheap art, ugly fashion, shallow knowledge and filthy liars. Let’s start by closing our eyes and just breath the seductive tei… This is where the immediate darkness becomes a garden of colors and emotions. This is where our next choice has more chances of being the right one. This is where we get to know ourselves better. 

May the scents be with you : ) 

Happy holidays,