​Life at the office: now and coming - Lucian Anghel

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Below you may read the article from Lucian Anghel, Managing Partner BSS
Published on Business Review, October 2014


Life at the office: now and coming


Life at the office means - besides hard work with, you know,  all these meetings, deadlines, targets and memos – personal relations, nice people around you (well, not always!), bits of gossip around a cup of coffee, polite smiles and so many more personal, emotional things. Actually, we spend almost a quarter of our life AT and IN the office and often we take home much of office work and its spirit.

From the dull, greyish rooms in those old days, office space became in our days a place for work, fun, challenge and relaxation as well. Office building owners, together with designers and facility managers, compete hard to make these working areas more attractive, even exciting, to increasingly demanding tenants, especially as most employees are now part of end-X and Y generations. Everything is important: space flexibility, indoor microclimate, color patterns, ergonomic furniture, noise protection etc., which now are the basics. Plus the amenities: conversation lounges, calibrated natural lighting, personalized scents or chill out sounds set synergies up for enhancing creativity and increasing productivity in corporate people. Friendly working conditions, intense online media usage and instant connectivity are musts in the new office areas. Micro-communities pop up in organizations all the time, craving for flexibility, so relaxing, socialization areas and social media integration in office tend to become the norm.
Earning tens of hours per month in spare time, while being at office, may sound somewhat offbeat. But recently started concierge services in a Capital’s business district come with a clear goal to increase the life quality at work, by relieving busy employees from boring housework and tiring shopping courses and offering them a comfortable lifestyle at the office. The new line of services combines personalized attention offered by a concierge team, with the online facility that delivers your orders during office hours. And, not just online shopping is available, but other services as well, such as car or laundry cleaning, personal care, short notice event planning, car shuttle or secretarial support, to name just a few.
Another trend, evolving from rather eccentric art to a must in urban working spaces, is the “vegetal architecture”, so Green Building is not just a metaphorical expression, when speaking about modern office buildings, but also a reality, literally. As we, corporate people, find lesser time to spend valuable time with and into the nature, then nature comes into our offices. Inspired vegetal arrangements, with selected plants, may form eye-catching green cascades falling from ceilings or small vertical glades, with natural scents surrounding us, creating a stress-free, yet work propitious environment.        
It’s much more to be said on this generous topic, but most professionals involved in designing and fitting modern workplaces stress that must-haves for new offices are communal multipurpose spaces designed to stimulate communication, cooperation and inspiration. Keywords are transparency, collaboration, hospitality, flexibility and, encompassing all, sustainability.