March 2019 - CEO Clubs Newsletter

Dear friends,

Today I’d like to share a couple of words on how it should be legally forbidden to be sad. Sounds strange even to me although I’ll try to make this point… You see, a few days ago, I went through a minor operation (nothing bad at all) and subsequently I went through all this process (pre and post-surgical) in a private hospital that looks more like a 5 star hotel. And do you know what is one of the things that such experiences offer? Lots of time to think. Time while waiting for all the levels one has to go through before the actual thing. And no matter if you are (hopefully) there for something harmless, everyone moving around you, does nothing else but “reminding” us how lucky we are not to be the person next bed, outside the surgery room. It is the time when you forget the pain, the hassle, the worry, the agony, everything. It is when everything grounds. When everything goes back to its normal size and significance. I have to admit that although I am the kind that doesn’t expect this kind of experience to ground, I didn’t see it coming. These two words that you exchange with the person next bed while waiting to enter, can be one of the most meaningful discussions one can ever have. Cause as I said before, you have time to think…

What kind of creatures are we humans? Is the fact that we need to be exposed to sorrow and real life in order to appreciate what we have, normal or psychopathic? Is our ability to forget (and thus need this recalibration) a great thing or a bad thing after all? How can we move away from the basics that easy, that fast? How dare we say that we are unhappy or bored without thinking of the analogies? Are we that selfish? I don’t think so as I believe in people. We just need to make sure we ground from time to time. Rest assured that even if we forget, life will remember. Gratefulness is one of the greatest gifts one can offer him/her self. It is relieving, can cure us and makes life much more meaningful. The most important? It is something that we can grow on us. It's up to us all.  

I wish you all health with my thought after this experience: if life is statistics and that is my percentage of “bad”, I’ll gladly take it!


Have a beautiful day,