March 2020 - CEO Clubs Newsletter

Dear friends,

On the 20th of February, I think I lived one of the proudest days of my life so far. The Celebration of our 8 years in Romania was so much more than a celebration. It was a gathering of friends who promised each other that they will always be there for each other, for the world. It was a prelude on friendship, authenticity, fun and music. I don’t remember having enjoyed choosing music more than I did this time, for each and every one of the people we awarded. Each song that played was part of the inner identity of them, of us. Many of us remember people when we smell a scent or when we listen to a specific song or musical piece. It’s by no accident. The brain creates these connections as they are driven and tightly connected with the emotions.

I can’t thank you enough for participating massively and for sharing these moments with us. We will cherish them in our hearts forever. We all left the hotel 10 cm taller. At least! (that was a problem for Virgil…) Proud, content, happy to see you happy, eager for the future seeing you embracing our plans. In a few weeks our new website will be here, our mobile app will be here, we will all be here.
I don’t know what kind of people celebrate … 8 years! but if it’s the people I saw in front of me, this is the people I want to be with.

CEO, Executive and Owners Clubs have a history, a present and definitely a future. There are many pages to write, many stories to create, many hugs to exchange, many pains to share, many victories to celebrate, many lonely moments to fight and many dreams to share.
With our actions, we must make sure that us, our successors, the successors of our successors will be here to support each other, be important for each other, be comfortably imperfect, be ready to jump behind any good idea that sounds undoable and be the ones who from time to time ask one another: “how are you doing?”. That’s why we dared to turn the 8 to the INFINITY SIGN. Cause we will be here!

And maybe, just maybe, years later, we might receive an invitation for the Celebration of the 20 years (hopefully we won’t send our hologram…) and only then we will realize what we achieved.
On a personal note, I want you all to know that being among you and being accepted by you has been the greatest medal of honor I have ever received in my entire life. Thank you for helping me realize my dream and find my way in this life. Thank you for being my other family.