Nobody is perfect, but a team can be - George Catalin Costache

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Below you may read the article from George Catalin Costache, CEO Siemens
Published on Business Review, July-September 2014


Nobody is perfect, but a team can be


The football-mania of the past few months stretched the nerves and emotions of many.
Big surprises, champions that didn’t succeed, falling leaders and rising stars. An exciting show repeating itself every four years.

The World Cup gave us a good overview of competitiveness, team spirit and results. We’ve all been inspired – I know I have. In the business arena, just as in football, the true test is effectiveness. Sure it’s nice to control the ball with lots of Tiki-Taka, but at the end of the game, it is goals that count. You must work hard, play hard and win.

Both business and football rely on managing people and teams, be it to win games or customers. As a leader or coach, you have to work with people’s motivation, their discipline and base your management on rules and strategies. You have to build a game style that your team can relate to and a vision that members can follow. Every team wants to be the best. No successful company in history set its goal to be an average company. Just as no football team went to the World Cup in Brazil to be average. Everybody is eager to win, and if a great team comes together, it could even be a 7-1 win.

However, no matter how good your strategy is or how inspiring your vision is, you need a team culture just as strong. There is no business, no project and no World Cup ever created by one person. You have to convince your top performers that if they work in the interest of the team, both individual and team results will get better. Sharing common goals, team commitment and collaboration are three very important pillars leading to success. In business, just as in football, the leader needs to take a whole system approach, taking advantage of the interdependency between the team’s members through greater coordination and communication. Nobody is perfect, but a team can be.

At the end of the day (or the season), football and business are not only about reaching your goals. It is just as important how you get there. If you want your organization to be sustainable, you can’t win at all costs.There will be unlucky moments and only time will confirm if you are going in the right direction. In business, this happens every fiscal exercise. In football, you might need to wait another four years.