October 2019 - CEO Clubs Newsletter

Dear Members & friends,
“Progress is happiness” is how Emre Ates, the first guest in our new Owners Club meeting called “Journeys”, finished his speech and I couldn’t agree more. So much meaning in 3 words. We have met more than 3,000 kids at the age of 16-18 through our “Back To School” visits and we have realized how today’s society has managed to disconnect these two words. Every time we realize that I can’t help thinking that when a society does such a thing the future doesn’t look that good. Therefore, we are trying with the rest of you to change this view of the youth and help them understand that happiness is a choice. In fact, everything is a choice: happiness, success, meaningful relations, everything. What is it that holds us from admitting that? It is probably the responsibility that this acceptance carries with it. The definite knowledge that we have no excuse anymore about the present and the future. Therefore, accountability is also happiness? Perhaps. What is certain is that happiness is everything that derives from our acceptance of our image in the mirror. It is amazing how many times we are trying to convince our own selves about lies that we know they are lies but it is just convenient if we believe they are not. This is an amazing feature of the human brain, a remarkably outrageous short term defense system and we all use it to the maximum. It is only when we deactivate that system that progress begins to happen. When the truth becomes the ultimate value and opens our eyes to life and to the world.
I don’t know if I had to reach almost 50 to understand these things but it doesn’t really matter. It only matters for a few seconds, when while talking to these kids, I’m wondering: do they get it? Are they able to get it? Is this a transferable knowledge or an experiential one, like birth? I tend to believe the latter, but I say it anyway.
As I mentioned earlier, the Owners Club is here. It starts as a group within CEO Clubs, as we are talking about exceptional leaders too. It’s a place where Owners grow together. Where the Members are these brilliant people who were crazy enough to start from zero and made it to hero, without losing themselves and by reaching “in front of the mirror” the hard way. And that was the moment they knew they are what others call “successful”. “OC” is a place that will allow us to serve the needs of these Members in the best way possible and by covering topics that are really hot for them like succession, expansion, transition from owner to president of the board, etc. We have designed many more meetings, events and definitely continuous co-existence with the professional CEOs. One more page is written in our history book. We hope it will prove to be useful and inspiring to everyone involved. See you there!
Have a great October ahead,