September 2019 - CEO Clubs Newsletter

Dear friends,
I hope that during this holiday, you had the chance to fill your hearts and minds with warm moments and nice memories that will keep us all going until next year. For some lucky ones, summer is not over yet and for the luckiest of all, summer is always on as a state of mind. (They are called Greeks and they are around us…!)
One of the things that I always loved about my summers was my readings. A book is great at all times and it gets orgasmic when it is read on a sunbed, listening to the sound of that minimum wave on the shore and having no worries in mind but one: who is the murderer…????? I personally adore Agatha Christie’s stories therefore that is one of my main questions during my holidays
: )
. During the last years, I started adding business and self-improvement books to my summer mix and I admit I had the chance to introduce myself to many interesting ideas and concepts.
One thing that maybe you have also noticed is that sometimes we see a book from a distance and we kind of feel attracted to it without knowing anything about its content. Has it ever happened to you? It could be the color, it could be the title, it could be the timing… I really can’t say. What I can say is that it is happening to me every summer and surprisingly enough, that is usually the star book of the summer (Agatha and her Greek version Yannis Maris are out of the competition
: )
). That is exactly what happened to me with “Bluefishing”.
The book has been written by Steve Sims who is a regular guy who became the world’s top concierge service company. In the cover he writes “THE ART OF MAKING THINGS HAPPEN”. Sims shares with his readers valuable lessons he learned in this glorious career in professional services and that had one thing in common: if you want to make the unthinkable, make sure you work with people “you’d chug a beer with”. Make sure you work with and for people that you’d like to hang out with. If you’re a cool person then that way you’ll create an amazing circle of vendors, clients, employees, stakeholders that everyone else will want in. And they’ll want it badly!!! All you have to do after that is keep on doing what you did in the first place: open the door to the ones “you’d chug a beer with”. Just think about it. I know that some of you are thinking “yes, but I don’t have the luxury to choose my clients. Anyone who buys is welcome”. And you’re right. Start though to choose anyone else based on the “chug a beer” principle and guess what: more and better clients will come your way just because your service and organization will resemble a place that people want to be associated with by buying from it or working with or for it.
I will do injustice to that wonderful book if I keep on trying to share all the points that I have noted down while reading it. I strongly recommend you read it and get one more view on what real customer service and relationship means and how it is built through being yourself and being the “raw” you. It ain’t easy but it works big time. Read it. It is really worth it.
Two more things before I go for now:
One big thanks to my friend Gerard who chose to be reading this book during our cruise and who shared with me a few things about it after my eyes “fell in love” with the cover and drew me there
: ). Gerard, I’m waiting for the next one in your boat this time : ). And a bigger one to the amazing super Cristina for inviting Gerard
Have you ever considered what is the real value of a book? Is it 50-60-70 lei that it costs? How much would you pay if someone was to come and tell you: I’ll give you an idea that will change the way you think for the better, will make you a better person, will make you money and will get you closer to your life’s scope. Just think about it and you’ll realize that the price cannot be expressed in money. In the future, one of the things that we will need to invent is currencies for the really important things in our lives. A glorious one. If you have any ideas, let’s get rich together: s.chatzidakis@...
: ) : ) : ) : ) : )

I wish you a great September and a fantastic end of the year.
Best regards,