YOU can help building a better NOW - Cristian Herghelegiu

Below you may read the Interview with Cristian Herghelegiu, Chief Executive Officer Gecad Net

CEO Clubs Newsletter, April 2016

Please recall the moment in time that you have been the most satisfied both with your work and personal life and why?

I would like to say that I found the secret of work – life balance but unfortunately for me is not the case...  I am among the fortunate people enjoying both sides of equation. We have a dynamic, challenging and energizing business. We have the freedom to challenge existing status-quos in the software distribution industry and to come with new business models, test them, invest in them and so on. This is something that will keep me up and running 24/7. On the other hand I do have an amazing time with my family – imagine having a discussions on universe expansion with my undergraduate son just to be ten minutes late drawing and coloring a greeting card with my little daughter. It is incredible and, believe me, it’s the best exercise for mind and spirit I ever know.

Do you have a role model? If yes, who and why?

Definitely I have a number of people that I admire and I consider they reached the highest professional and personal acumen. Recalling the most important moments of my life I can see that each development stage has its own role model embedded… Back home, my father and my grandfather for their invaluable advices and life examples… My high school years have been clearly under Mircea Eliade influence (!) and moving on to our days I have met a number of incredible people that did changed my life: Radu Georgescu – showing me what a clear, analytical mind can do. Also an incredible example of what a “vertical” person means. Silviu Hotaran, redefining for me the sense of Human in the “Human Resources” phrase. And last but not least, Richard Branson for his already classical one: Screw it, let’s just do it!

What is your main goal and your biggest challenge for 2016?

That’s a simple one: we have to re-invent the way that mass software is sold/purchased and utilized by companies. Imagine an automated, frictionless system that enable companies to acquire, deploy, use and measure software - and ultimately make the most out of the significant investment done in the company systems. We truly believe that agility in business is the most important resource for a company – and the software should be one of the strongest enablers of such agility.

Share with us the main values which rule your universe.

Honesty, Gratitude (thank you @Tudor Trita for giving it the right word), Fun, Energy, Action. Do whatever stays in your power to help others – this is the only way you can help building a better NOW.

What is the one thing that you want people to know you by?

Just a man of my word.